Take Action to Save Airline Jobs!

February 9, 2006 – U.S.-based air carriers are attempting to make up for failed business plans and ineffective management by eliminating high-quality jobs and outsourcing work to low-wage workers overseas.

Major U.S. airlines like United, Northwest, American and Delta currently employ foreign nationals from overseas locations as flight attendants, depriving U.S. workers of much-needed job prospects. Likewise, the same carriers subcontract essential aircraft maintenance to overseas repair facilities that aren’t subjected to the same rigid oversight as U.S. facilities.

The IAM has been successful in limiting our members’ job loss to overseas workers. IAM-represented Flight Attendants at Continental Airlines are the only cabin crew employees at a U.S. legacy carrier whose contract protects their jobs from overseas foreign nationals. Similarly, all the overhaul maintenance performed on US Airways aircraft is done in North America.

Click here   to send your elected representatives a message telling them to support good-paying, U.S. -based jobs where workers have collective bargaining rights and a voice in their future.


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