TCU Joins AfL-CIO in Endorsing John Kerry

TCU Joins AFL-CIO in Endorsing Senator John Kerry for President of the United States

February 19, 2004
ROCKVILLE, MD: At a special meeting of the General Board of the AFL-CIO today, TCU International President Robert A. Scardelletti joined in endorsing the candidacy of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) for U.S. President. Regarding his decision, President Scardelletti says:

“John Kerry is the man who can put things straight again after nearly four years of havoc created for working Americans by George W. Bush.

“The Democrats fielded several strong potential candidates for the presidency. But clearly John Kerry is the man who can beat Bush in November. And that is the goal we must all keep in mind: beating Bush at the polls. John Kerry is a man of substance.

“Senator Kerry knows the real issues that must be addressed are jobs, making health care affordable and available to all, providing retirement security, holding corporations accountable, supporting our brave sons and daughters in the military but bringing them home safely and soon, and more.

“I am asking every TCU member to back John Kerry to the fullest — get out and let your family, friends and neighbors know how different an America led by President Kerry can be, how he can restore the prosperity and pride lost by this administration, and how important it is to get registered to vote and then vote on election day.

“I have no doubt that Senator John Kerry is the candidate who will look out for the interests of TCU members, active and retired. Now it is up to us to make the push that helps him become President.”

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