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November 14 , 2003
As The Amalgamated Transit Union strike against the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) continues into its fourth week TCU has already sent weekly strike benefits to the members of TCU Lodge 1315 who are honoring the picket lines. As of November 14 hardship fund applications are also being mailed directly to these TCU members to provide them and their families with additional assistance.


October 16, 2003
Mechanics represented by the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) struck the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) early Tuesday morning, October 14, 2003. The ATU represents 2,000 MTA mechanics. An additional 6,000 MTA employees, including 700 TCU Lodge 1315 members, are honoring the picket lines.

The mechanics have been working without a contract for more than a year. Negotiations broke down Sunday night with the parties still far apart, particularly on the issue of health care.

The union is demanding that MTA pay an increased amount to the health fund that is administered by the union. The union argues that the health benefits were decreased in 1994 and have not been enhanced since that date. The MTA has agreed to increase its level of contribution but not enough, the union says, to keep the fund solvent. The company has also demanded that the union turn over control of the fund to the company for an indefinite period of time. The union has countered that it would share control of the fund with the company and agree to employee contributions. However, the parties have not been able to come to terms regarding the amounts of MTA and employee contributions, the level of benefits or management of the fund.

There have been no further negotiations scheduled and Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn has suggested that a federal mediator be brought in to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. The ATU has advised its members to prepare for a lengthy strike.

TCU is also in negotiations with MTA. TCU and MTA have agreed to extend the terms of the current contract until an agreement is reached. As with the ATU, the main stumbling block to an agreement is the level of payment by MTA to the TCU administered health fund. However, MTA has taken no exception to TCUs management of the fund. Updates on the strike and links to articles of interest will be posted here daily

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Strike Update

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