Tell Congress to Fund C-17 Program

Boeing’s recent announcement that it will shut down production on its C-17 military cargo aircraft lines after mid-2009 could affect about 5,500 jobs in California, Missouri, Georgia and Arizona directly related to C-17 production. About 700 companies in 42 states provide parts and services for the C-17 program and employ about 25,000 workers nationwide.

Without more firm orders, the current C-17 backlog from international customers and funding in the 2007 budget for up to three aircraft will only keep production lines going until mid-2009.

“In an unstable global environment, airlift capability is crucial to our national defense,” said IP Tom Buffenbarger. “The C-17 is one of the most successful military aircraft programs ever. Congress should fund more C-17 production to ensure we have the planes and the means to build them should a national crisis occur. We must not let the production skills in this crucial aerospace capacity be disbanded.”

Click here  to send a message to Congress to fund the C-17 program beyond 2009.


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