Tell Congress to Invest in Maritime Infrastructure Projects

Legislation in the House and Senate could jump-start investment in the nation’s maritime infrastructure and create thousands of good-paying jobs.

Click here to tell Congress to invest in America’s maritime industry. In 1986, Congress established the Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT), a user fee for deep draft coastal ports and harbors that is meant to fund navigation infrastructure. Since 2003, HMT collections have far exceeded funds appropriated for harbor maintenance, resulting in a large and growing surplus in the trust fund.

Legislation in Congress, House of Representatives Bill 4844 and Senate Bill 3213, will ensure that the government uses the funds in the HMT trust fund for their original purpose and not raid it for other uses like funding Bush-era tax cuts for wealthy Americans. Investing in America’s maritime infrastructure will create good paying, sustainable union jobs, maintain and expand the Maritime Highway System and provide a sound transportation system as a foundation for future economic growth.

Urge your Representative and Senators to move quickly to pass H.R. 4844 and S. 3213 to restore the Maritime Highway System. Click here for more information on the HMT trust fund and the Joint Seaway Task Force.

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