Tell Lawmakers Redistricting Means Less Job Security Without More Jobs!

Ur Union of Unemployed (UCubed) is taking the 2011 fight for jobs local.

Soon state representatives and senators will be voting on redistricting. All too often, this process of drawing congressional district lines is used to protect incumbents – rather than the people they represent. With the proper computerized mapping, lawmakers can almost guarantee his/her own reelection.

This means each member of Congress’ job is on the line, literally. With redistricting occurring before 2012, the line drawn determines their job security for the next decade. Ten years of tough reelections or ten years of easy races – that is the choice when state representatives and senators vote on redistricting.

Thus, Congress will be looking to state lawmakers for favors and votes in the redistricting process. But before considering their request, state lawmakers must first ask their respective Congressperson: Did you make my job harder this year? Did you do all you can to create jobs for my constituents? Did you help erase my state deficit? Did you vote against my unemployed constituents?

State lawmakers see the devastation and hardship this Great Recession has caused. They must use their first-hand experience to convince Congress that putting constituents back to work, getting relief for the long-term unemployed in their district, and ending this jobless recovery is the highest priority.

Tell state lawmakers that Congressional job security – the lines they want drawn – comes at a price: more jobs.

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