Tell the House to Vote “No” on Amendments to Harm Service Contract Act Workers

House members are preparing to vote on three GOP amendments to the Defense budget bill that will eliminate key worker protections under the Service Contract Act (SCA).

Tell your Representative to vote “No” on the Rogers, Rigell and Fleming amendments to the Defense budget bill by clicking here.

GOP Rep. Mike Rogers (AL) has offered an amendment that would prohibit contracted union members from exercising their right to strike. Roger’s amendment appears to be in direct retaliation to the recent IAM Local 2003 strike at Fort Rucker, in which members fought – and won – against the contractor’s proposed radical changes to members’ seniority rights. If passed, this amendment would create and an un-level playing field for workers during negotiations, resulting in lower pay and fewer benefits.

Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) has offered an amendment to eliminate important SCA protections for fast food workers and others working on our nation’s military bases. This amendment will cut benefits by about $1,800 a year for these fast food workers, many of whom survive on food stamps and are family members of enlisted personnel. By stripping SCA protections, Congress would permanently drive down the wages and benefits of the lowest wage workers in our economy, simply to drive up the profits of fast food companies and keep the price of french fries and shakes a nickel or two cheaper.

Another amendment by Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) would eliminate SCA protections for nursing home workers caring for U.S. veterans.

Both Rigell’s and Fleming’s amendments would also exempt workers from right-of-first-refusal in future successor contracts. Qualified workers should not lose their jobs because a military exchange decides to change contractors, nor should they be subject to lower wages and benefits than similar jobs located within their communities.

Our soldiers and their families deserve our unflinching support. We should never strip them of their right to demand respect and dignity on the job. And we should never be cutting benefits for those who already make less than the living wage.

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