Tell the New Mexico House of Representatives to Reject Right-to-Work (For Less)

Big Business outsiders have their sights on making New Mexico the latest right-to-work (for less) state.
A bill (H.B. 75) recently passed by the New Mexico House Business and Employment Committee would force unions to represent workers who don’t pay their fair share of dues, weakening the bargaining power of all workers and further tilting power toward corporate interests. The dubiously-named Employee Preference Act now moves to the House Judiciary Committee.
We’ve seen this before: Anti-union groups make grand promises of economic prosperity to struggling states if they pass right-to-work legislation, only to then take advantage of their low wages and lack of bargaining power. Workers in right-to-work states make about $1,500 less annually and have fewer benefits than workers in non-right-to-work states.
New Mexico residents are encouraged to tell the New Mexico House of Representatives that they shouldn’t let their state become the next victim of corporate false promises. Vote NO on HB 75.

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