Tell the Senate to Vote NO on Disapproval of New NLRB Election Rules

Senate Republicans are pushing what’s known as a “resolution of disapproval” of modernized union election rules issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The rules were approved by the NLRB in December 2014 to reduce unnecessary litigation and delay in the election process for the benefit of employers, workers and unions.
If approved, S.J. Res. 8 would not only wipe out the new rules, but also prohibit the NLRB from adopting another rule in “substantially the same form” unless specifically authorized by Congress. For example, the Board could not issue rules requiring electronic filing of election petitions, consistent with practices in all federal courts.
Too many companies are exploiting the current rules to delay elections and wear down union support, thus denying workers the opportunity to bargain for better pay and working conditions.
Tell your Senators to oppose S.J. Res. 8.

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