Tennessee Local 2385 Members Vote to Strike Goodman

Members of IAM Local 2395 in Fayetteville, NT in front of the Goodman Company.

Members of IAM Local 2385 in Fayetteville, TN, voted by a two-thirds margin on December 8, 2012 to strike the Goodman Co. The expired collective bargaining agreement covers approximately 1,100 workers.

The membership accepted concessions in the last several contracts to keep work at the plant and to grow the Fayetteville location. “The membership felt the company proposal was a bridge too far,” said Local 2385 Business Representative Jerry Benson. “The company proposal included an expansion of the two-tier wage system and shifting even more of the health care costs to the workers.” Many workers in Fayetteville are concerned about years of stagnant wages and the frozen pension plan.

“The members of the Machinists Union are the Fayetteville community and the union-negotiated wages fuel the local economy and its tax base,” said Benson. “These jobs are the bedrock of our town and our members decided it’s important to stop the bleeding in earning power, for themselves and the community.”

Benson has remained in contact with Goodman leadership, and the IAM negotiators remain open to further negotiations.

“While it’s always tough to strike during the Christmas season, our members in Fayetteville stood together and voted to take a stand for justice on the job,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez, Jr. “It is time for unity, and all of our local lodges support our brothers and sisters in Tennessee.”

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