A Patriot Day Message from General Vice President Brian Bryant

On the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, I encourage everyone to take time out of their day to remember all those who were taken from us that tragic day.

In the weeks and months following that dark day, stories emerged of the heroic actions of first responders and random citizens who risked their lives to help usher others to safety. These brave and courageous people represent what’s great about our nation.

I want to especially recognize the dedication of IAM District 15 members who participated in the rescue and recovery efforts in New York City, and the many other IAM members around North America who helped our nation regroup and rebuild.

It’s impossible to recognize Patriot Day without thinking about all the military service members who have spent the last 20 years fighting terror overseas so it doesn’t reach our shores. Thousands of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our hearts go out to them and their families.

As we reflect on that day and what it means to our country, I ask you to join me in remembering those who we lost and honoring those who have sacrificed for our safety and protection.


Brian Bryant
IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President

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