IAM Charters Local 4538 for Baltimore County Public Library Workers

Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) workers attending an officer training class received their new charter for IAM Local 4538 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. 

The newly chartered local includes BCPL employees at the administrative office and the 19 county library branches and expects to grow as workers in the region organize with the IAM.

The representatives of the newly formed IAM Local 4538 received training uniquely designed to address the specific needs of their existing and future membership, focusing on local lodge leadership, basic laws and operations, parliamentary procedures and local lodge administration.

“We are honored to charter Local 4538, coming from non-traditional IAM-represented industries, but they bring new perspectives and experiences that will make our union stronger,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President David Sullivan. “Workers across all industries need to be represented and the IAM is here to pave the way.”

BCPL workers took part of this critical officer’s training to best represent their members.

“We are proud to welcome Local 4538 to the IAM family. They have proven to be resilient advocating for members and already obtaining winning bargaining agreements,” said International President Robert Martinez Jr. “Through training at the Winpisinger Center, the IAM will continue to maintain a high level of education for its existing and new representatives to serve the interests of the membership.” 

“We can only grow stronger and as a newly chartered Local, we are ready to keep fighting for a better life for our members,” said Anita Bass, IAM BCPL United Local Lodge President and Library Service Assistant at the Essex branch. 

Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) workers overwhelmingly ratified their second bargaining agreement earlier this year. The contract covers more than 400 employees. The second contract comes after signing their first historic collective bargaining agreement in May, 2022.









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