Labor Day Message from Eastern Territory GVP Brian Bryant

Sisters and Brothers, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day Weekend.

As we celebrate this Labor Day, I ask you all to take a moment to reflect on what Labor Day means to all IAM members.

First, we remember and thank all of our Sisters and Brothers who came before us. The ones who have, throughout history, fought the good fight, shed the blood, sweat, and tears to establish what organized labor has achieved for our members. We would not have fair pay, job security, safe working conditions, and benefits if it were not for them and their families.

Second, understand that the very same fight still goes on today. Right now, IAM members are striking for the same reasons as those in the past. From Oregon to British Columbia, Canada down to Chicago, Illinois, IAM members are on strike or locked out of their jobs against unfair employers. Please take a moment and pledge your support to our Brothers and Sisters that are on strike in Locals 692, 701, 63, and 49. Their fight is our fight. 

Lastly, current polling shows 65 percent Union favorability from workers who are not represented by a union. That is the highest since 1965. But, only roughly 10 percent of workers belong to a union. That number is way too small, Sisters and Brothers. The only way we rebuild the middle class is through bigger and stronger Unions. We must reach the un-organized and help them form a union in their workplace.

Each of us personally knows people who are overworked and underpaid. All of us must take a few minutes and discuss with them the value of belonging to the IAM. We owe it to them to show them how to better their workplace and their livelihoods.

Keep up the fight Sisters and Brothers, and once again, have a happy and safe Labor Day Holiday.

IAM Strong!

In Solidarity,

Brian Bryant

IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President


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