Congressman Keith Ellison welcomed at Minnesota State Council

Congressman Keith Ellison has been a friend of the Machinists Union and organized labor for some time. He is the co-chair of the Congressional Progessive Caucus and has been a leader against the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the fast track of that trade agreement.

This week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus broke through this mire, releasing its “Principles for Trade: A Model for Global Progress.” The principles lay out elements of an alternative trade strategy, one built to benefit workers, not investors, and to serve the public interest, not the special interests of global companies and banks. The CPC seeks more trade, but on terms that will strengthen working families, not sabotage them.

Delegates from across Minnesota attended the conference and heard the good news on the Delta organizing campaign and other issues.

Congressman Keith Ellison, D-MN

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