District 9 IL Local wins $13,299 arbitration overtime award

IAM District 9 and Local 660 went to bat for our members in East Alton, IL and won again to the tune of $13.299.32 in overtime backpay.


(Front row left to right: Dave Mann, Tim Elledge, Craig Neuhaus,
back row left to right: John Stephens, Dave Felkel, Dossier Roberson and carpenter – Jim Nixon)
Not available for the photo: Tim Brown, Darrell Mann, Mike Bernard, Dan Drew, Ron Kirksey,
Steve Heiens, Aaron Cunningham, Gregg Stram, Roger Porter, John Lee and carpenter – Scott Vogelpohl.

There are several unions at the plant and both the IAM and Carpenters filed grievances on the overtime issue. That being that the company was handing out overtime to the wrong classification.

Meditation did not solve the issue.

Business Representative Joe Eccardt of IAM District 9 presented the case for both unions at the request of the Carpenters Union and won the decision and overtime back pay. The Carpenters Union members received $5,750.48 in overtime backpay.

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