IAM Donations Help Wisconsin Local 1771 Member Who Lost Everything in House Fire

Fire experts say the 1820 degree Fahrenheit heat index fire, which swept through IAM Local 1771 member Lisa Jensen’s Wisconsin home, left nothing salvageable.

Disaster can strike at a time when we least expect it.  It did for IAM Local 1771 member Lisa Jensen. 

On February 2nd, 2017, Lisa was at her regular job at Northern Engraving, in Sparta, Wisconsin.  What she didn’t realize was the nightmare that was taking place at her house miles away.
A fire was consuming her house and all of her belongings within it. 

Fire experts say the heat index within Lisa’s house reached as high as 1820 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was nothing salvageable.

While these items cannot be replaced, Lisa received donations from Northern Engraving, co-workers, IAM District 66, Local 1771, and applied for funding from the IAM Disaster Relief Fund with the guidance of Local 1771 Recording Secretary Brenda Rediske and Steward Melissa Shore.

IAM Local 1771 member Lisa Jensen, center, received donations from IAM District 66, IAM Local 1771, and the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, with the guidance of Local 1771 Recording Secretary Brenda Rediske, left, and former Steward Melissa Shore, right.

Lisa received the funding from the Disaster Relief Fund shortly after her application was submitted.
“This goes to show what solidarity, and a true brotherhood a member receives when they are a part of the IAM,” said IAM District 66 Directing Business Representative Neil Kamrowski. “While these donations do not replace the items lost by Lisa and her family, they are a start on the road to recovery.
“We wish Lisa the very best in recovering from this disaster.”

For more information on the IAM Disaster Relief Fund, click here.






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