IAM Midwest Territory hosts IL student for job shadowing day

Jared Podgorny, from Manhattan, IL, worked closely with Grand Lodge Represenative Rick Mickschl taking part in a Job Shadowing Day at the IAM Midwest Territory office. He learned about the Machinists Union, took part in an organizing briefing with staff and observed other daily activities of the office.

Jared Podgorny

Jared Podgorny and GLR Rick Mickschl

Students at Manhattan Junior High were given the opportunity to participate in a Job Shadowing Day in conjunction with the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Foundation. This day allows students to interview and shadow an adult for an entire workday. Not only do the students get to experience a day outside the walls of the classroom, but they learn valuable and practical lessons about the life in the workplace. When the students returned to their class, they shared their experience through a presentation and visual aid.

Jared left with photos from the office for his presentation, IAM t-shirts for his class and knowledge about the IAM that he shared with his classmates.

Joyce Watson from the Language Arts Department at Manhattan Junior High sent her best wishes saying, “Thank you, IAMAW for allowing one of our students, Jared Podgorny, to complete this project with you! Jared came back to class with not only t-shirts but a wealth of knowledge on Mr. Mickshl’s job and the concept and importance of Unions.”

Bertha Podgorny works in the Midwest office and is the proud mom of Jared who was just chosen as valedictorian of his 8th grade graduating class.

jared podgorny

Jared Podgorny with his classmates wearing IAM t-shirts along with his presentation


Jared Podgorny in the Midwest Territory lobby


Jared Podgorny learns about the IAM Executive Council

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