John Deere Machinists ratify new contract in Wisconsin

IAM District 10, Local 873 at John Deere Horicon Works in Wisconsin ratified a new labor agreement recently that provides benefits for both the union and the company.

“The agreement included substantial wage increases, lump sum payments, additional vacation time and increased 401(k) benefits for full time employees,” said Business Representative Benito Elizondo. “In addtion to the full time benefits, the supplemental / associate employees received vacation, recall rights and the same attendance program as the full time workers. The supplemental / associate employees now have rights to the grievance procedure and just cause for discharge.”

In addtion to the contractual agreement, John Deere has comitted to close a non-union faciltiy in Janesville, WI and move that work to the Horicon plant. The Company put in writing that they would invest approximately 40 million dollars in renovations and new facilities at the John Deere Horicon Works.

The negotiations showed a continued partnership between IAM, John Deere and the Communitiy.

The District and Local had high praise for the Negotiations Prep Class at the IAM William W. Winpisigner Education and Technology Center prior to this round of collective bargaining.

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