St. Louis, MO city fleet maintenance goes IAM

Recently, IAM District 9 / Local 777 brought 61 new members into the IAM by virtue of an organizing win at the City of St. Louis, MO.  Our new members work in fleet maintenance and parts at the Fire, Ambulance, Refuse North, Refuse South and the Street facilities.

According to IAM District 9 Organize Mike Musgrove the main issues our new members were concerned with are gaining professional representation, increaesed wages, and the lack of training.  Musgrove said, “They are very concerned with the lack of training and difficulty in attaining certifications at work.  The result is outsourcing which is unacceptable.”

Musgrove praised the inviduals that lead the campaign from inside the city departments saying, “The in-house organizing team was solid as a rock. It was their hard work and determination that got this done.”

IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber congratulated everyone involved in the organizing effort saying, “We commend DBR Roger Poole along with Organizers Mike Musgrove and Mike Hahn for a job well done.  We welcome our new members into the IAM and appreciate their courage and dedication in their effort to gain professional representation, better wages and working conditions.”

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