Do You Know Where Your Oreos Come From? Support IAM Jobs at Nabisco by ‘Checking the Label’

Nabisco Orea

Do you know where your Oreos come from? The next time you go to buy cookies or other products made by snack-maker Nabisco, check the label. If it’s not made in America, don’t buy it. Save your hard-earned dollars in support of IAM jobs.

Support the “Check the Label” campaign.

Last summer, Nabisco/Mondelez announced plans to lay off some 600 union workers at its plant on Chicago’s south side and move those jobs to Mexico. The Chicago bakery employs nearly 100 IAM members. The IAM estimates the layoffs could affect some 15 to 20 IAM-represented workers.

“Nabisco made claims the company is not making money. We know that not to be true,” said IAM District 8 Directing Business Representative Steve Jones. “The truth is the company wants to cut good middle-class U.S. jobs and ship them to a country where wages are low and regulations are nearly non-existent.”

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union and International Union of Operating Engineers also represent workers at the Chicago location.

“We need to send a clear message to Nabisco and other U.S. corporations like them that the American people are sick and tired of being taken advantage of,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Philip J. Gruber. “We’re sick and tired of corporations building companies on the backs of U.S. workers, receiving tax breaks from the U.S. government and then taking production overseas. The time has come for America to reinvest in our own communities. We must support American jobs.”

IAM-supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited Nabisco workers in early March, pledging to go after companies like Nabisco who take U.S. tax breaks, but outsource U.S. jobs.

Support American jobs: Do not buy Nabisco products made in Mexico and tell your grocery store manager to stock American-made Nabisco products only.

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How can you tell if your Nabisco snack is made in America? Check the label. There are two ways to tell:

1. Check for the words “Made in Mexico.”

2. Check the plant identification code next to the product expiration date. Do not buy if the letters MM or MS follow directly behind the product expiration date.

Through a simple label check, together we can send a powerful message: We support American jobs and the American middle class, and reject outsourcing to poverty-level wages and unregulated work conditions. We will no longer buy Nabisco products made in Mexico, we will buy only American made.

More information on the “Check the Label” campaign.

Video from the “Check the Label” campaign.

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