Wisconsin Senate and Assembly pass right-to-work-for-less

Right-to-Work has nothing to do with paying union dues, workplace freedom and all the other crap politicians shovel our way. It’s about trying to limit Union’s power. So that is what Republicans did in Wisconsin. They attacked union members and our families.

The Wisconsin Senate already passed Right-to-Work and now the Wisconsin State Assembly passed it by a 62-35 margin along party lines. You can lobby, try to pursade and testify, but with little or no success when your legislators are Corporate politicians.

Governor Walker is now going back on what he said during his campaign for re-election and now says he will sign the bill into law.

The legislature in Wisconsin gerrymandered their districts to be Republican as possible. The Republicans are funded and backed by right wing groups, corporations and in many cases “out of state interests.” Yet they say they speak for the majority of Wisconsinites.

Polling shows the vast majority of Wisconsinites don’t want “Right-to-Work” and when hundreds of businesses are on record saying they don’t want it either… Where do they get off voting for it… and against us? They just don’t care what most Wisconsinites think.

IAM General Vice President Phil Gruber said in his remarks at the Wisconsin state capitol, “Right-to-Work” laws have nothing to do with anyone being forced to pay union dues. It is about creating an even greater in-balance of power. Organized labor is the final frontier when it comes to defending rights of workers.”

There is a preponderance of evidence overwhelmingly establishing that the standard of living in the states with right to work laws is lower. The pay is lower, workers are less likely to have good health care and a pension. Poverty and infant mortality rate are substantially higher, and stunningly, the rate of workplace deaths in 53% higher in right to work states. Right to work states spend less on educcation, have fewer students proficient at math and reading and have proportionately fewer residents with high school and college degrees.

GVP Gruber continued say, “Is the government so stupid as to not realize we, the middle class, are the economic engine in this country? When people make good wages and have the security of good benefits such as health care and a pension, the middle class spends money.”

Then there is the issue of dues. There are a lot of organizations that require individuals to pay dues. The Bar Asssociation to name one. A lawyer must pay dues to the Bar Association or they are prohibited from appearing in court. Cub Scouts pay dues to belong. How is that different than working in a place that has a Union and being required to pay dues to reap the rewards of a union contract?

What politicians are suggesting is that you can opt of of paying union dues and become a “free rider.” In other words, getting represenation without paying for it.

GVP Gruber said, “How about we inact a law saying the all workers and tax payers can pay taxes… if they choose to do so?” It’s the same principle.

It only makes sense to most of us that if you enjoy the benefits of a union contract you pays dues. If you want the benefits of living in Wisconsin you pay taxes.

Wisconsin has no problem allowing large coporations to make huge profits without paying their fair share of taxes. GVP Gruber said, “That is bullshit.” He continued saying, “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and many Republican legislators are beholding to the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC.” ALEC is proposing this same legislation to elected politicians across the country. It’s not just in Wisconsin.

“They only way we’re going to stop right to work laws and other forms of legislation that hurt the middle class is to stand still. That’s right, I said stand still!. Stand still and shut down production. Stand still and stop trucks from moving freight across the country. Stand still and stop planes and trains from moving people. It’s time we take action, and shut down this country until these corporate paid politicians stop screwing the middle class.” said GVP Gruber.

GVP Gruber concluded by saying, “Every person who carries a Union card or carried a Union card needs to band together in solidarity and put an end to these barbaric proposals that hurt the American people. If you agree with me, then let’s do something for a change and stop talking about it.”

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