IAM/Lockheed Take On Economics

With a stroke of the pen, everything can change for the close to 4200 Machinists and their families whose lives will be touched by the Lockheed Martin Negotiations taking place in San Antonio, TX over the next few weeks.  The strength of that statement is not lost to the Union Representatives gathered at this table, undertaking the economic portion of these discussions. 

“I am a 38 year employee of Lockheed Martin and I am extremely proud of that fact. We have been through some tough times in the past but we have always worked together for a solution. I am looking forward to a great contract for our members, one not paved with concessions and takeaways but rather fair advances for both sides of the table,” said IAM’s International President Robert Martinez Jr.

For many sitting at this table, these Negotiations are especially poignant at a time where profitable companies across the U.S.A are not rewarding a dedicated and loyal workforce, but rather punishing those who proudly gave decades of their lives in helping the company succeed. The IAM Members affected by these contract come from facilities across the Nation; from Marietta, GA to Sunnyvale and Palmdale, CA and a few places in between.

“Seniority and Job Security are the reasons why we are at this table. Do not ask us to take that away from a group of Machinists who have given Lockheed the ability to not only remain profitable in the Aerospace Industry, but have helped the company become a driving force in this field. One of the slogans used by Lockheed is  ‘We Never Forget Who We Are Working For.’ I want to make sure that the people gathered around this Bargaining Table don’t forget who is the behind that great work,” said IAM’s Southern Territory General Vice President Mark A. Blondin.

IAM’s Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen agrees and adds that any group can negotiate a strike, but it takes true leaders to negotiate a fair contract that allows both sides to prosper.

“The IAM is seeking a fair and equitable contract that reflects the recently experienced landmark growth and profit by Lockheed Martin. These profits and the landmark corporate tax cuts should produce a landmark contract for our members who’s hard work, grit, and determination makes that profitability possible,” said Allen.

For the next few weeks, economic negotiations will continue in San Antonio, TX.  For daily updates, please log onto www.iamlockheed.com.

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