Meeting Amtrak Members–February and March 2008

February 26, 2008
Meeting Members of Amtrak Lodge 5050 on the West Coast:

Amtrak San Francisco Lodge 5050 2-26-08 002 copy.jpg

San Francisco, California—Meeting with members of Lodge 5050 here on February 25, 2008, IR Joe Derillo had a chance to review terms of the contract (then up for ratification) and answer questions.  “I personally thank these members for their pride and confidence in their work,” says Derillo.  Seen in the photo above from left are:  IR Derillo, General Chairman Tom Gurash, Ignacio Hidalgo, Dave Mottesheard and Zahid Hassan.

Amtrak Oakland Lodge 5050 2-26-08 001 copy.jpg

Oakland, California—At this location, IR Derillo discussed the hard-fought for Amtrak contract and heard from members expressing their thoughts about the long road it took to get to reaching the tentative agreement.  Walking the property, “These members so clearly are proud of the jobs they do and it is heartening to see,” says Derillo. Seen above, from left are LC Dave Mottesheard, GC Tom Gurash, Brian Shelton, Michael Jordan and IR Derillo.

Amtrak San Jose Lodge 5050 2-26-08 copy.jpg

San Jose, California—Like those at other locations, members expressed appreciation of the new contract terms and the hard work that went into securing agreement during IR Derillo’s visit.  “I always feel a great sense of pride when I visit our members and they show me their many accomplishments,” he says.  He also notes that after more than 35 years of railroad service, Ron Hoop of this lodge will be retiring soon: “I wish to thank him for his loyalty and dedication to ARASA and wish him and his family many years of happiness and health.”  In the photo from left are: IR Derillo, Al Santos, Ron Hoop, General Chairman Tom Gurash, Jacob Solorio and Local Chairman Dave Mottesheard.

March 5, 2008
Catching up with Amtrak Auto Train Supervisors

Amtrak Sanford Fla Lodge 5058 3-5-08 001.jpg

In Sanford, Florida, Amtrak Auto Train Supervisors, members of Lodge 5058, met with IR Joe Derillo.  “It was my pleasure to meet with these proud ARASA members,” says Derillo.  In the photo, from left: Eddie Simmons, Local Chairman Dan Conrad, Margaret Rivera, Pat Keogh, Derillo and Harold Williams.

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