Historic Agreement For TCU/IAM Carmen at Huntington Locomotive Shop


CSX and the TCU/IAM Carmen Division (BRC) recently signed a 4 year agreement to bring back scheduled sub-contracted work the Huntington Locomotive Shop and the Carmen workforce.

This 4-year agreement includes the possibility of 20 years of work for the shop and gives Huntington Locomotive Shop the exclusive rights to perform all 4-axle rebuilds.

This agreement also provides that the BRC and Carmen Painters, the IAM Machinists, the Boilermakers and Sheet Metal Workers will not be furloughed for any reason at the Huntington Locomotive Shop for the life of this agreement.  The Carrier agrees to maintain the current percentage of the craftsmen for the life of the agreement.

The employees will receive a $500 signing bonus, $1 per hour skill differential, in addition to any other differential pay already being received.  These mechanics will be the highest paid mechanics on any Class 1 Railroad. 

The Organizations agree that they will provide the Carrier with flexibility in assisting other crafts in performing this work.  This is a historic agreement in that it proves that the Unions can compete with contract shops, even at the higher rate of pay and premium benefits, by providing the Carrier with quality and productivity that the non-union shops cannot produce.

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