Lodge 6760: September 2007 Regional Dinner Meeting in Cincinnati

September 24, 2007—As the largest lodge in Unit 200, Lodge 6760, representing almost 300 members in 13 cities in four states, rotates monthly meetings between those cities, reports Local Chairman Steve Wilhelm.  This evening it was Cincinnati, Ohio’s turn to host the Regional Dinner Meeting.  Among  highlights, retiring Vice Local Chairman Mike Thacker was honored for his 36 years of service.  Keynote speaker was attorney C. Marshall Friedman who described the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, stressing to the membership the importance of providing details if an injury on the job occurs.  Unit 200’s new Assistant International Representative Roger Cain brought a report about negotiations.  Throughout the evening, folk singer and labor activist Joe Jencks provided musical entertainment. In the photos: 1. Atty. Marshall Friedman; 2. AIR Roger Cain; from left, Lodge Pres. Phil Amadon, Local Chrmn. Steve Wilhelm, Asst. Int’l. Rep. Roger Cain, retiring Vice Local Chrmn. and honoree Mike Thacker, Fin’l. Sec’y. Treas. Lowell Wheeler, Cincinnati Labor Council Pres. Doug Sizemore, atty. Marshall Friedman and C. O. “Butch” Lakin; and singer-activist Joe Jencks.

Friedman.jpgCain.jpgcropped group.jpgJencks.jpg



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