Carmen Division Overwhelmingly Ratifies Agreement with TTX

The TCU/IAM Carman Division ratified the agreement with TTX by an overwhelming margin. This agreement containes significant wage increases, maintains premium health care coverage with no increase in monthly contributions and provides work rule improvements.

The wage increases in this proposal are calculated over the four year period and represent a 12.4% increase for Tier I employees and a 15% increase for Tier II employees. This provides significant increases for Tier I employees and accelerates pay rate adjustments for Tier II employees.

TTX proposed significant changes to the health care benefits, which would have resulted in an enormous increase in the cost of benefits. This agreement will maintain the current monthly contribution rate and the only concession will allow a $100 co-payment for an emergency room visit when not admitted to the hospital.

A total of eleven rules were modified. Those changes are as follows:

Section 4.8 – Prohibits employees from working more than two consecutive shifts or 16 consecutive hours.

Section 5.4 – Employees should provide one hour notice of an illness related absence. Employees with less than one year service will be allowed two unpaid absences without discipline.

Section 7.1  – A floating holiday shall be approved with 24 hour notice.

Section 8.5 (a) – Employees with one or two weeks of vacation can take five days in single day increments.

Section 8.6 (d) – For scheduling purposes vacation days are considered earned for the calendar year. You won’t have to wait for your anniversary date to take additional vacation during the calendar year.

Section 10.5 – A protective clothing allowance of $400 will be added to regular earnings in January of each year.

Section 13.4 – Seniority districts updated to reflect current work locations.

Section 18.1 and Side Letter #9 – Provides specific language for awarding jobs, posting jobs for new hired employees and restricts work for trainees.

Section 18.1 (e) – Allows an employee to apply for a vacant position.

Section 24.2 – Provides health care coverage after 90 days of employment.

Addendum A – Warning notices must be brought to the attention of the employee within five (5) calendar days from the date of knowledge of the occurrence.

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