TCU Carmen Division Reaches Agreement with Union Tank Car Company

UTLX Group

From Left to right; Local Chairman Chris Pierce, TCU National representative Carl Lakin, Local Representative Troy Meadows and Carmen Division General Vice President Don Grissom

The BRC has reached an agreement with the Union Tank Car Company-UTLX on their new site, which will be adding 200 TCU jobs in Marion, OH.

This Agreement, which was negotiated by TCU National Representative Carl Lakin and Carmen Division General Vice President Don Grissom with the assistance of Carmen Division General President Rich Johnson and Carmen Division Assistant General President Carl Tingle, has established new positions for a Jacket Welder and a Drum Welder.  This Agreement will also provide for a differential of 30 cents per hour for members willing to transfer to Marion II to help train new employees.

Click here to read a local news story about the agreement.

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