TCU Members at Disney Ratify New Contract

Members of the Service Trades Council, a coalition of unions that includes TCU, ratified a new contract with Disney World Friday February 25th. The Coalition represents over 21,000 full-time employees who had been working with contract extensions since last summer.  The new contract is effective immediately and is valid through March 29, 2014.

The new contract includes:

  • Guaranteed pay raises for each of the next three years
  • Bonus pay ranging from $650 – $750

TCU specifically represents members in three areas; Hotels/Resorts, Transportation and Recreation. Hotels/Resorts crafts include: Bellmen, Front Desk Employees, Concierge, Housepersons and Hotel and Resort Lifeguards. The Transportation crafts include: Monorail and Watercraft transportation employees. The Recreation crafts are: Water Park Lifeguards, Fishing Guides, Lake Patrol, Campgrounds services and Fireworks boats.

“I am proud of every one of our representatives at Disney for the hard work and quality representation they provided during this entire contract negotiation. Their work has brought a good strong contract to our members here,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti “Joe Condo, Gary Lamboy, Randy Sluder and Ben Ramirez were instrumental to our members in getting such a good contract.

Click here to see pictures of TCU members during the ratification.

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