DMIR Agreements: Clerical and Ore Docks (7-28-08)

Clerical Agreement

Clerical Protective Agreement

Ore Docks Agreement

Ore Docks Protective Agreement

Ore Docks and Clerical Contracts at DMIR Ratified by Local 319 Membership

July 28, 2008—In Duluth, Minnesota, two agreements have been reached and ratified by members of Local 319 employed by the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company.  Ratification of the DM&IR Clerical Agreement and the Ore Docks Agreement was completed July 23.  Both have effective dates from July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009.  Negotiations were conducted by International Vice President John Lydon, International Representative Tom Truhler, Assistant International Representative Dave Cullinan and Local Chairman Mick Ward.  Also contributing were former International Vice President Dick Arndt until his retirement last October and former International Representative Larry Swanson until his retirement in May.

Seen in the photo below at a July 17 membership meeting are (from left): Row 1(kneeling)—Local 319 Vice President Ed Martin (Ore Dock), Sylas Walker (Ore Dock), Tom Rask (Ore Dock) and Lynn Tollefson (Clerk); Row 2 (standing)—International Representative Tom Truhler, Local 319 Chairman Mick Ward, Ray Lakso (Ore Dock), John Hansen (Ore Dock), Tim Braman (Clerk), Ron Stream (Clerk), Lorrie Wyrum (Clerk), John Hussey (Clerk), Steve Anderson (Clerk), Ed Forsman (Clerk) and Assistant International Representatives Dave Cullinan.


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