TCU Members on Long Island Rail Road Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract

By a margin never seen before TCU members on Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) ratified the new contract by a 97% vote in favor.

The LIRR members have been without a contract over four years and endured through two Presidential Emergency Boards. The new agreement, that was just ratified, achieves more money for all current workers than the recommendations of PEB’s 244 and 245.
Wage increases total 18.4% in compounded increases over 6-1/2 years.

The compromises on new hire pension contributions and rate progressions are modest, and far less than what MTA was publicly demanding and there will be no retroactive health and welfare payments

I would like to thank the TCU members on Long Island Railroad for their steadfast support in standing strong for what they deserve,” said TCU President Bob Scardelletti.  “The tireless efforts of TCU Vice-Presidents Joel Parker and Arthur Maratea together with TCU National Representative William DeCarlo and each Long Island Local Chairman made this agreement possible and averted a strike.”

TCU National Vice President Artie Maratea added, “Our members and all the hard working men and women on Long Island Rail Road waited too long for this contract. We were pleased to see MTA finally stop clinging to its twice-rejected position we were fully prepared to strike if MTA continued to stonewall.”?

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