TCU has Reached a Tentative Clerical Contract with Metra Commuter Railroad in Chicago

The agreement provides excellent compensation gains for TCU members, more than 20% in wage increases plus a $3,000 signing bonus over its six year term.

The agreement rivals the historic national freight agreement in compensation produced, but employee contributions to health insurance are only introduced gradually on a staggered basis, not reaching national levels until the fifth year. The agreement is 33% greater than the last Metra agreement, on an annual basis, even after deducting all health care contributions.

Metra members have until November 15 to vote. A ratification meeting is being held November 5 in Chicago to answer any questions.

“This is a breakthrough agreement,” says National President Bob Scardelletti. “At a time when public employees all across the country are being hit with concessionary demands by their employers, this agreement delivers outstanding compensation gains. Once again TCU commuter workers can hold their heads high.”

The agreement was negotiated by National Vice President Thomas Truhler, National Representative Anthony Siriano, and Local Chairman Brian Shanahan.

Negotiations are ongoing for TCU Carmen and Supervisors on Metra.

Click here to view the contract.

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