National Negotiations – BLE&T Releases Update on Latest Bargaining

National Negotiations Update from the Coordinated Bargaining Group as presented by the BLE&T on their website. Click here.

The BLE&T article is public information and will give TCU members a good overview of where we stand in National Negotiations.

TCU is not part of this coalition and this proposal has not been officially proposed to TCU however it would apply to TCU except the work rules, the carriers would have their specific demands on TCU work rules.

The negotiations with the coalition that includes TCU have been strained, to say the least. As you will see the Carriers are clearly emboldened by the Republican sweep in Congress.

TCU President Bob Scardelletti said, “Going on 3 years and this is where we are – pathetic! TCU will continue to negotiate for the contract our members need and deserve.”

Click here to read the synopsis of the NCCC proposal to the BLE&T coalition.

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