NMB Proffers Arbitration to all TCU Crafts on Long Island Railroad

Today, the National Mediation Board issued proffers of arbitration to all crafts represented by TCU on the Long Island Railroad, as well as to every other union on the Long Island, with the exception of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, who are not in mediation.
National President Scardelletti immediately rejected the proffer.  It is expected that all other unions will do likewise, setting in motion the establishment of a Presidential Emergency Board by President Barack Obama.
TCU is negotiating in a coalition, which consists of SMART (UTU and SMWIA) and the National Conference of Firemen and Oilers/SEIU.
“After three long years of fruitless negotiations due to the never-ending, unprecedented concessions sought by the Long Island Railroad, we will be able to make our case before a Presidential Emergency Board – consisting of impartial arbitrators.  The full resources of our union will be put forth in this massive undertaking and we will prevail,” said National President Scardelletti.

In the ensuing weeks further details will be provided.
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