President Scardelletti Communicates with Local Lodge Officers on National Handling

In the letter from TCU President Bob Scardelletti:


Dear Sisters and Brothers:
The industry, in their zeal to take us on, served their Section 6 Notices on Day 1, November 1, 2019. The industry is seeking sweeping concessions across the board on every aspect of our agreements. To that, I say, this is not going to happen.

The carrier’s Section 6 Notices and their press release were distributed that same day, November 1, 2019 via Flash News and was posted on our website for all to see.

The TCU Section 6 Notices covering Carmen and Clerks will be served shortly. Everyone will be provided with copies and they will be posted on the website for all to see. So here we go, another round. I will tell you, with absolute certainty, that if we win the Presidential election, we have a decent shot at getting a decent contract. If Trump is reelected we are in for a very tough battle. The Mediation Board with its 2 Republican members are 100% against us and the White House sides with the industry. We desperately need to win the Presidency next November to give us a level playing field.

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