TCU Releases the Legislative Watch for the 111th Congress

The TCU Legislative Watch contains the end of session status of those bills in Congress we have an interest in and/or worked on throughout 2010.

The House, on Wednesday December 220d, passed a motion to adjourn the 111th Congress “Sine Die,” bringing to a close Democrats’ four-year majority in the lower chamber. The blitz of bill signings that took place completes a dramatic first two years for President Obama and the 111th Congress.

Senate Democrats and Republicans joined together to pass a string of major legislation, including an $858 billion tax relief and unemployment benefits package. Every time a bill to extend unemployment benefits came up we had to work closely with Congress and have them add Railroad Retirement into the bill. Also the social security 2% tax holiday for this year did not initially include Railroad Retirement or government workers. We succeeded in convincing the Senate to add Railroad Retirement tier I tax into the tax holiday provision of the bill. So we know we make a difference for our members with the various bills that affect us.

We also followed very closely any clean energy legislation that affect the use of coal. Twenty-five percent of the Class One Railroad’s business is related in some way to the transportation of coal. That is one in five railroad jobs that is tied to coal.

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