Are YOU registered to vote?

Don’t wait, the November election will be here before you know it. And with millions of Americans voting by mail this election, it’s even more important to get registered and request your ballot early!

Click here to register, check your registration status, or request a mail-in ballot.

Every presidential election seems to be hailed as the “most important election of our lifetime.” But this year’s election lives up to that distinction.

America faces crises on three critical fronts: a public health pandemic, an economic free fall and long-standing structural racism.

Too many of America’s working families are suffering needlessly because of ineffectual leaders and their reckless policies.

Elections. Have. Consequences.

Working people need safe jobs, good wages, a secure retirement – and our industries need help to weather the storm of this pandemic.

But NONE of that will happen unless YOU make it happen by voting for candidates who share your values, and voting out those who don’t.

Make your voice heard this fall.

Together we can build a nation that works for all working people.

CLICK HERE – Make sure you are registered to vote. If you know someone who recently turned 18, or who has not voted before, urge them to register. The future is in their hands.

November 3rd is just around the corner. Make sure you’re ready.

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