Clinton: Rebuild Economy by Investing in Infrastructure and Putting Americans Back to Work

The best way for the incoming Obama administration to revive the tumbling economy is by investing in the nation’s crumbling infrastructure and its people, urged a group of economists, academics, union leaders and other experts at a conference in Washington, D.C. the week of November 10.  So does Senator Hillary Clinton: in a letter she personally delivered to President Bush on Tuesday, November 11, Sen. Clinton states that “I believe that in order to stimulate this economy, we need to get people working, earning, and building–not just spending….So I am proposing, among other steps, that we speed investments in infrastructure, including $410 million in New York roads, bridges and transit systems, as well as training for new jobs in the clean energy economy, or ‘green collar jobs.’  A federal investment in our infrastructure serves the dual purpose of modernizing our country’s deteriorating roads, bridges and transit systems while stimulating the economy.  Investing in these projects will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs.  More than 40 highway, transit and rail projects are ‘shovel-ready’ in New York alone.”

Read Clinton’s full letter.

Find out more about the “Real Investment for America” conference.

Posted November 20, 2008

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