IAM Releases Video on Collective Bargaining Rights

The IAM is standing up for collective bargaining rights in South Carolina and across the country with a 30-second TV ad titled “Scales.”

The ad frames the current debate over union rights with a basic question: “What does more to help American workers and protect the middle class? The rants of politicians plumped up with corporate contributions… Or the weight of a union contract that protects workers’ rights, guarantees fair wages, provides health care and a decent pension?”

For the last year, right-wing politicians have made a cottage industry out of attacking the IAM and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in South Carolina. A recent ad by a GOP presidential candidate refers to the NLRB as a federal agency “packed with union stooges selected by the President” and promises to bring an end to the board’s “un-American” activities.

“The IAM negotiated an exceptional, four-year deal for our Boeing members with increases in wages, benefits, pensions and job security,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “After almost a year of political hyperbole, 28 seconds of truth-telling seems long overdue.”

The ad concludes with a simple observation: When unionized workers stick together, we tip the scales for ALL workers.

Click here to view “Scales.”

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