All TCU Members are asked to Join the Fight for Real Health Care Reform on November 5th

As we all know there is a huge fight for real health care reform in Congress.  In the next several weeks it is anticipated that there will be major votes in Congress.  We in the Labor Movement have to take a very active role in this to protect our benefits from unfair taxation, to seek a public option and employer mandates.  The AFL-CIO is leading the fight in this effort and TCU is working very hard to do our part.

The AFL-CIO program involves the national mobilization of workers to call Congress to pass real health insurance reform on Thursday, November 5, 2009.

Everyone is asked to call Congress and tell them to pass real health care reform that:
•    Controls costs and doesn’t tax our benefits.
•    Provides guaranteed coverage to all Americans.
•    Includes a public health insurance plan option.
•    Holds insurance companies accountable.
•    Requires all employers to pay their fair share.

On November 5th call 1-877-323-5246
, choose your Senator or Representative and tell them you want real health care reform.

Click here to write a letter to congress.

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