House Appropriations Holds Hearings on the Future of High Speed Rail

Clear support of high speed rail and Amtrak came from both sides of the aisle in the April 1, 2009 House Committee on Appropriations hearing to discuss the future of high speed rail, intercity passenger rail and Amtrak. “This is a breath of fresh air, just a few years ago we were talking about how many peanuts go in a bag on Amtrak and now we are discussing billions of dollars and high speed rail corridors,” said Representative Ed Pastor (D-AZ).

The main focus coming out of the hearing will be to develop a National Plan for high speed rail involving energy, commerce and transportation concerns. To better understand the challenges ahead, four speakers were invited to address the committee.

The speakers included:
• Susan Fleming, Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office
• Jolene M. Molitoris, Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation
• Matt Rose, Chairman, President and CEO of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
• Joe Boardman, President and CEO of Amtrak

Click here to read the House Appropriations Committee opening statement.

Click here to read the testimony of Jolene M. Molitoris.

Click here to view the testimony of Joe Boardman.

Click here to read the testimony of Susan Fleming.

Click here to read the testimony of Matthey K. Rose.


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