Jobs for Main Street Act of 2010 Contains Funding for Amtrak, Transit and Freight Rail

On Tuesday, December 15th the House Committee on Appropriations released a summary of the Jobs for Main Street Act that has been approved by the House and will be voted on in the Senate after the holiday break.

The Act if passed will provide funding for Amtrak and for rail repairs. The funding will be:

  • $1.75 billion to address repair needs of existing subway, light rail and commuter rail systems
  • $800 million for capital grants to Amtrak for the acquisition and rehabilitation of rolling stock and passenger equipment to improve speed and capacity of intercity passenger rail service

The programs included in this bill are designed to create jobs and boost the economy. Funding in the bill is directed to stabilize jobs and extend unemployment. Railroad workers have already been included in the unemployment extensions contained in this bill.

Click here to read the summary of the Jobs for main Street Act of 2010

Click here to read the TCU article about the unemployment extension to railroad workers.

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