OneRail Coalition Urges Proper Investment of 2013 Transportation Funding

As Congress considers Fiscal Year 2013 Appropriations for Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies, the OneRail Coalition, of which TCU is a member, sent a letter urging them to prioritize investments in rail infrastructure and operations that will create and maintain good domestic jobs, enhance productivity and the competitive position of the United States in the world economy, spur both near-term economic recovery and long-term prosperity, relieve road and air congestion, protect the environment, and reduce our exposure to volatile gasoline prices and our dependence on imported oil.

The OneRail Coalition requested that the maximum possible funding be allocated to the following accounts:Amtrak Capital Grants

  • Amtrak Operating Grants
  • High Performance Passenger Rail Grants
  • Federal Transit Administration Formula funds
  • New Starts/Small Starts Capital Investment Grants
  • Competitive, merit-based, TIGER Grants

Rail is a crucial component of an efficient transportation network that allows people and goods to move quickly to their destinations,enhancing productivity, creating jobs, and allowing America to remain the largest and best functioning economy in the world. A smooth logistics system with intermodal connectivity and without major chokepoints also strengthens exporters’ ability to compete in the global economy.

Click here to read the full release from OneRail.

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