PA Residents Join the Fight — Tell Sen. Specter to Get Back on The Train

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) was a sponsor of the original Employee Free Choice Act in 2003, he supported the bill again in 2005 and voted against a Republican filibuster of it in 2007, but he recently announced that he would support a filibuster this year in an attempt to block the legislation from coming to a Senate floor vote. He is clearly caving in to big business pressures and his tight Senate primary race. Senator Specter needs to hear from his constituents, most of whom support the Employee Free Choice Act.

The voting public of Pennsylvania is over 70 percent in favor of this bill and they need to tell Senator Specter to do what is right and support the Employee Free Choice Act.

PA residents please go to Senator Specter’s web site and send him an e-mail. Let him know he needs to once again support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Click here to write Senator Specter.

Click here to read the AFL-CIO blog on this topic.

Click here to view the article from New Republic on this issue.

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