Send a Letter to Congress – Preserve Railroad Retirement

The recent attacks on Railroad Retirement in the provisions of the Ryan Budget needs to be strongly opposed. The Congressmen who voted for the Budget Resolution completely misunderstood how the Railroad Retirement system works, and disregarded the contributions of rail workers and retirees who fund the pension plan.

Congress needs to know that Railroad Retirement is completely funded by the workers and employers in the railroad industry; it is not a free lunch at taxpayer expense. It is a system that has worked well for more than eighty years, providing hard-earned retirement security to workers in a demanding industry. Some members in the House who say they support Railroad Retirement still voted for the Ryan Budget, every member of Congress must know the facts.

Send a letter to your Representative – Congress needs to understand the TRUTH:

1) All benefits under Railroad Retirement that exceed those of Social Security are completely funded by higher taxes paid by railroad employees and employers.

2) Changing the current Railroad Retirement system to make it look more like Social Security wouldn’t save the federal government or the American taxpayer a single penny.

3) The Ryan Budget Resolution calls for the end to our occupational disability pension and will end our 60/30 Railroad Retirement pension.

Click here and send a letter to your Representative and tell them to leave Railroad Retirement alone.

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