President Trump Nominates Amtrak Board Member Who Repeatedly Voted to End Amtrak

President Donald Trump nominated Todd Rokita, the former Republican Congressman for Indiana, to the Amtrak Board of Directors. Rokita consistently voted against funding Amtrak while he was a congressman.

In an article the titled “Fox in the Henhouse” the Rail Passengers Association laid out the reasons they oppose this nomination and the votes that Todd Rokita made against Amtrak.

In the article:

We found that Rokita voted against Amtrak in 8 of the 13 Amtrak-specific amendments we tracked. Some of Rokita’s most eye-raising anti Amtrak votes include:

  • 2017 – Voted YES on H.Amdt. 287 to H.R. 3354, filed by Rep. Mo Brooks, that would have eliminated funding to Amtrak’s National Network
  • 2015 – Voted YES on H.Amdt. 72 to H.R. 749, filed by Rep. Tom McClintock, that would have completely ended federal grants for Amtrak
  • 2011 – Voted YES on H.Amdt. 43 to H.R. 1, filed by Rep. Pete Sessions, would have reduced Amtrak’s capital grant by $446 million

Click here to read the article from the Rail Passengers Association.

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