Puchala Confirmed by the Senate

Linda A. Puchala has been confirmed by the Senate as a member of the National Mediation Board. She was the Sr. Mediator at the National Mediation Board. Puchala joined the National Mediation Board in May 1999, as a Mediator, working on both airline and railroad cases. She directs the Board’s training programs, develops and maintains the training curriculum, and delivers training to interested parties. She also remains active as a mediator in airline and railroad cases.

Puchala has over 30 years of experience in Labor Relations, including work as International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, CWA, AFL-CIO, and Staff Director, Michigan State Employees Association, AFSCME, AFL-CIO.

“TCU looks forward to working with her, there is now a positive belief that the needs of our membership, as well as the entire labor movement, will be considered,” said International President Bob Scardelletti.

The three-member NMB is the federal agency charged with overseeing collective bargaining and representation under the Railway Labor Act, which was enacted to protect workers’ rights to organize unions and engage in free and fair collective bargaining in the aviation and rail industries.

But for the past eight years, the Bush-dominated NMB has repeatedly failed to fulfill its mission to promote collective bargaining and to provide and protect the rights of workers who seek to join a union. Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.) says, “Puchala’s experience within the agency will ensure a smooth transition to a new board. Her commitment to workers’ rights and to the collective bargaining process will help to restore the integrity of this vital federal agency…look forward to working with Ms. Puchala to ensure that the NMB adheres to its mission of protecting employees’ right to organize without interference or influence from the employers and their multi-million dollar anti-worker campaigns.”

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