TCU President Bob Scardelletti Testifies Before the Surface Transportation Board “RAIL COMPETITION” HEARING

TCU President Bob Scardelletti testified before the Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) hearing on the current state of competition in the railroad industry.

The hearing was held over a two day span on June 22nd and 23rd featured a variety of speakers. President Scardelletti used his allotted time to make sure the STB knew that any regulation that would require two railroads to serve every rail customer would have severe economic consequences and greatly affect TCU members and the railroad industry.

President Scardelletti stated, “As a representative of the employees I want you to take this into consideration; any decision you make that results in reducing the railroads revenue will absolutely have dire consequences to the employees working in the railroad industry.”

“Such a regulation by the STB would come at the expense of the railroad industry, the workers and their families in the form of a financial loss. We would once again experience a loss in rail jobs as a result of government regulations at the very time that these types of middle class jobs are vitally needed in our country.”

Click here to view the official information and list of speakers before the panel.

Click here to read the letter of testimony of TCU President Bob Scardelletti.

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