Senator Sanders Introduces Amendment to Remove the Health Care Tax from the Senate Bill

TCU joins Senator Sanders (I-VT), AFL-CIO and workers saying that taxing workers’ health benefits is just plain wrong. “We commend Senator Sanders for standing with America’s working families and introducing an amendment to strike this provision from the Senate health reform legislation,” said AFL-CIO Executive Vice-President Arlene Holt Baker.

TCU will constantly maintain that workers benefits should not be taxed. Our workers have spent a lifetime to secure these benefits through strikes and collective bargaining. The union has been fighting for Health Care long before the government decided to finally take action. A tax on benefits would ask struggling workers to pay more for the health care they already have.  

Union members know that a tax on working class families is the wrong way to pay for health care reform.  They have fought hard for their health care benefits, there’s nothing “Cadillac” about them.

Click here to read the release from AFL-CIO.

Click here to write congress and tell them not to tax out benefits.

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