Szabo Confirmed by the Senate as FRA Administrator

UTU Illinois State Legislative Director Joe Szabo has been confirmed by the Senate for the Federal Railroad Administration position as nominated by President Barack Obama. Szabo, a fifth-generation railroader, hired out with the Illinois Central (now part of Canadian National) in 1976.

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) predicted, “Joe will bring his passion for Amtrak to Washington. When it comes to making high-speed rail a reality in the U.S., and ensuring that millions of Americans have access to safe, reliable passenger and freight rail, there is no one better for this job than Joe Szabo.”

“TCU looks forward to working with Joe Szabo, who would be the first FRA administrator to come out of the ranks of rail labor,” said TCU National Legislative Director Bob Davis “This is a welcome change at a position so important to our membership.”


Posted May 1, 2009

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