TCU/IAM Sends Letter to Amtrak CEO Flynn Asking to Halt Furloughs to Allow Congress to Reach a Deal

In a letter to Amtrak CEO Flynn TCU President Maratea requests a halt in furloughs while Congress and the administration get close to making a deal:

I’m writing on behalf of thousands of Amtrak workers to urge you to temporarily halt the 2,000 furloughs for two weeks to allow Congress and the Administration time to come to an agreement on the next COVID-19 relief package. I believe an agreement is close, and that there is a strong possibility that supplemental relief for Amtrak will be included, therefore the massive continued disruption to the jobs and placements of Amtrak workers – both furloughed and still employed – makes little sense in the short-term.

Let us give Congress and the Administration time to work it out. Our people, and Amtrak, depend on it.

Click here to read the full letter from TCU president Maratea.

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